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Ever since his early childhood Marcus Genard is intoxicated with the reggae vibe.

He began his musical journey as frontman of a 7-man reggae/dancehall crew.

After the band fell apart he started his solo project.


Already awarded with the German Rock & Pop Prize he emerged as one of the finalists of the Oxmox-Contest in "Große Freiheit 36".

After that he released his EP "Southie Kids" in 2019.


True to his motto:

"Once a Soutie, always a Southie", he returns to the place where he once grew up and where it all began:

South Hamburg.

He describes his gerneration as "the ones in between",

between yesterday's Hollywood stars and the influencers of tomorrow,

between people who always stayed in their home villages and those who went out into the world,

between rumours about the South of Hamburg and his own experiences.


With Southie Kids he presents a whole range of different reggaestyles, but yet he stays true to his unique mixture of dancehall and orchestric influences.


Especially live he lives up to his full potential with his powerful and energetic shows on big stages.

But also at smaller gigs and unplugged performances he spoils his audience with a positive vibration.




Wix Records, 123-456-7890




Karen Blanche, 123-456-789




The Bookerz, 123-456-7890


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