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Marcus Genard
RISE / Marcus Genard

"Rise up like the morning sun in june, rise up from the ashes of yesterday!"

In 2021 Marcus Genard released his second EP “RISE“.
With “RISE“ he presents a best of selection of his current repertoire – motivational and personal as it has never been before.
“Rise“ stands for a new start and can be taken as a promise to himself to always get back up again even after the darkest of times, rising up even higher than before.

During the Lockdown the multi-talented artist produced each song from the very start until the mastering process by himself.
Every Song is full of musically suprises which he jokingly describes as “It’s Progressive Reggae“.
With “RISE“ he’s facing a long time of loss and seperation but also comes up with his unique motivating reggae
pop mixture.

All in all “RISE“ is a lyrically oustanding and musically suprising insight into the world of Marcus Genard, in only
5 tracks.

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A rapper with an oustanding voice, a singer with a unique flow –

Ever since his early childhood Marcus Genard is intoxicated with the reggae vibe.

He began his musical journey as fontman of a 7-man reggae/dancehall crew.

After the band fell apart he started his solo project.

Genard is known for his inspiring style merging Dancehall, Hip-Hop and orchestric elements on a reggae basis.

With his motivational and socially crtitical lyrics he’s following in footsteps of great reggae artists.

Already awarded with the German Rock and Pop Prize he emerged as one of the finalists of the Oxmox-Contest in Hamburgs “Große Freiheit 36“.

After that his first record was released in 2019 followed by a series of concerts, new song projects, two single releases and his brand new EP "RISE" in 2021.


Especially live he lives up to his full potential with his powerful and energetic shows on big stages.

But also at smaller gigs and unplugged performances he spoils his audience with a positive vibration.

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